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  • My services provide the opportunity for researchers and managers to develop and validate fish age
    reading protocols and ultimately derive age-validated life history characteristics of important
    fisheries and members of aquatic ecosystems.

  • I have more than 25 years of professional experience operating a world-class fisheries research
    laboratory (Age and Longevity Research) with proficiency in specimen preparations, microscopy and
    structural growth interpretation, fine-scale micromilling of biogenic materials, and pioneering use of
    analytical instrumentation in life history and paleoclimate studies. I am an expert in the use of
    sclerochronology to establish valid timelines and life history parameters for aquatic organisms. My
    work has evolved into a long line of pioneering bio-geo-chemistry applications used to challenge existing
    life history studies with the development of innovative techniques in age estimation and validation.
    My career pursuits cover numerous disciplines within marine science and continues to directly involve research in ichthyology, radiochemistry, marine ecology, and chemical-physical oceanography. 

  • For more information, please look at my homepage.

Allen H. Andrews
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